Three Year Old Cl...

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Three Year Old Class

Three Year Old Class
The Year of Enrichment…

Children learn through play.  Our goal is to provide a fun classroom environment filled with a variety of hands-on learning opportunities to stimulate cognitive skills for 3-4 year olds. Our units and daily activities create an environment rich in language and social skills that build on self-esteem and fostering independence to prepare your child for our Four Year Old Program.

Social / Emotional

  • Separation from parents/caregiver easily
  • Adjustment to school routine and classroom rules
  • Listening /Following directions
  • Participates in simple individual group activities
  • Making friends/joins in play with others
  • Making choices
  • Appropriate behavior with large group activities and guest presenters
  • Willing to try new tasks and skills
  • Encourage language skills
  • Role models sharing  and caring for others
  • Safety/boundaries
  • Kind and appropriate language and actions
  • Shows responsible use of toys and classroom materials
  • Respect for self, friends and staff
  • Manners/Eating
  • Fire and tornado drills
  • Understands cause & effect
  • Toilets-self (potty trained)
  • Participates in individual and group activities
  • Self reliance

Fine / Large Motor Skills

  • Manipulates fine motor objects (pegs,  puzzles)
  • Cutting/lacing /tracing
  • Art (gluing, cutting, tearing, stamping, painting)
  • Writing and proper grip of writing utensil
  • Stacking and building
  • Outdoor play (running, swinging, climbing)
  • Moving to music
  • Measuring, mixing, pouring, sifting (sand, rice and beans)


  • Colors and shapes
  • Name recognition
  • Alphabet recognition
  • Sounds /Phonics
  • Number Recognition 1-5
  • Numbers and counting to 10, one to one correspondence
  • Rote counting from 1- 31
  • Beginning  patterns
  • Sorting by size, shape and color
  • Understanding prepositions (in, out, above, over)


  • Senses
  • Weather
  • Seasons
  • Planting and growing
  • Sink/Float
  • Weight and scales
  • Wildlife-habitation and hibernation
  • Domestic and wild animals
  • Nutrition/healthy teeth
  • Insects
  • Ocean
  • Magnets


  • Creative expression
  • Exploration of art materials and paints
  • Step-by-step crafts
  • Exploration of color
  • Scribbles become basic forms
  • Fine motor eye to hand coordination


  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Engages in conversation with others
  • Verbalizes wants and needs


  • Listens and responds to music through moving, singing and playing
  • Singing, memorizing words and rhythms
  • Identifies basic concepts of loud and soft; fast and slow
  • Singing with musical accompaniment

Christian Education

  • Bible Verses
  • Prayers (spoken and sung)
  • Bible Stories
  • Chapel stories, role play & Puppets
  • Classroom application of chapel lesson

Special Events

  • Music & Movement
  • Class holiday parties
  • Special school days (P.J., Dress Up, Pet, etc.)
  • Live Nativity – Christmas Pageant
  • Open House
  • Messiah Messy Mud Run
  • Guest Presenters