Preschool FAQs

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Preschool FAQs

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Do you accept children with disabilities?
We will make every effort to make a place in our school for a child with disabilities.

However, we may not be equipped to handle certain disabilities (psychological and/or physical). We may ask a parent or guardian to withdrawal a child from our program if we cannot provide a suitable environment, but will seek to provide resources for a new location or their child.

Do you have a carpool line?
Yes. Every family will receive a name plate with each child’s name on it. Please have your plate(s) displayed in the passenger side dashboard as you drive around the circle.  Our carpool line is in the rear of our building.

Do you provide lunch or a snack?
We do not provide lunch. The parents of every child must provide their child’s lunch and snack. When packing a lunch for your child, please include all eating utensils necessary.  We encourage healthy lunches and that you do not bring in sugary snacks, candy or gum.

Do you recommend bug spray for when kids are on the playgrounds or outside?
Due to the West Nile virus, we do suggest that parents apply bug repellent to you child prior to the start of each school day. Our playgrounds are in a natural setting and mosquitoes are present. Keep this as a part of your daily routine until the first good frost, and then resume applications in the Spring.

Does my child need to be immunized before attending school?
In compliance with Georgia State Law, children must have current medical immunizations before school starts. Immunization Form 3231 must be on file by the first day of school. If parents have chosen not immunize their child, a signed affidavit must be given to the school and kept with the student’s records. This affidavit must be notarized.

What happens if there is a medical emergency with my child?
In the event of a medical emergency or accident, we will contact the parents or emergency contact person. If we are unable to reach either, and emergency treatment is required, the child will be taken to the nearest emergency medical center. The school may contact your child’s physician to advise on whatever medical procedures are deemed necessary.

Do you allow field trips?
Field trips and nature walks are considered an important part of the educational program. The school will provide the same highly responsible adult supervision for these excursions as it does while your child is at school. There will be sign- ups for parents to drive us on the field trips. No siblings are allowed to attend field trips. Only children in our 4 year old, Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes will have field trips off our campus. Parents must sign a permission slip for each field trip.

Do you provide Progress reports or report cards?
You will receive a written “Progress Report” for your child in September and April. Each child will be assessed by his/her teacher in all areas of development. This aids both the teacher and the parent to see what the child has achieved and which areas need improvement. The two year old classes will receive one assessment in April. Kindergarten and First Grade classes will receive their report cards every 12 weeks, four times per year.

Do you require parent teacher conferences?
Parent- teacher conferences are not required for preschool classes. However, they may be scheduled at any time during the school year. Please speak to your child’s teacher for a convenient time. Kindergarten and First Grade teachers will schedule conferences.

Does my child need to be potty trained before entering your program?
All children attending our 3 year old program must be completely potty trained.

This means the following:
1. Underwear must be worn
2. Child must be able to verbalize their need to go to the bathroom
3. Child must be able to wipe himself/herself
4. A child who has accidents consistently at school will have parents notified
5. A plan will then be established between the teacher, parent and Director.

How do you correspond or communicate with parents?
Communication to our school staff can be handled in several ways. Teachers and parents communicate daily through each child’s folder. Each teacher will establish his of her preferred method of communications via email or phone.

What happens if I need to withdraw my child from your school?
A 30- day written notice must be given to the Director when a student leaves our program. You are obligated for tuition only for that 30-day period. Partial month tuition will not be refunded.