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A Recipe for a Christ- centered school:

Start with one call from the Lord to open a Christian school in Hickory Flat. Add one dedicated Director and many awesome teachers and assistants to prepared classrooms. Sprinkle on one beautiful 26-acre campus. Combine gently with Preschool children mix in hands-on –learning and effective teaching, fold in lots of fun and generous amounts of love, smiles and laughter. Cover with prayer and let stand for one year. Gradually add in Kindergarten and watch how MCA cooks! Recipe makes enough to serve an entire community.

By Tricia Palmer, MCA parent

Christian and Rebecca Noble 2017 Testimony

We want to thank Ms. Jill, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Alicia and all of the loving staff at MCA! Our daughter was almost two when she started at MCA, she had never been dropped off anywhere before her first day of preschool. Leaving our baby to complete strangers was one of the hardest things we had ever done. The amazing staff gave us the confidence we needed and we felt an overwhelming since of peace during this difficult transition. It is truly amazing to see how much our sweet daughter has blossomed in her first six months! She loves going to school and she now walks in excited to see her teachers and friends. MCA has been a huge blessing to our family and we would highly recommend it to anyone in the area! If you are looking for a Christ-centered environment on a beautiful piece of property with a small class size and a caring staff, MCA is the place!


Joanna Brown Testimony 2017

I tried three other daycare/preschool environments before I found MCA, but I never had a peace about leaving my boys.  The employee turnover was high, and I never heard much about how my kids’ days went and what they were learning about.  Everything was different when we started at MCA.  The teachers love my kids so well and genuinely care about their growth and development.  I drive away with a confidence knowing that they are in good hands.  I love how the teachers walk each child to their parent at pick-up and give them a specific report on how their day went, what they are learning about, struggling with, and even sweet things they said that day.  I always feel like the teachers have my back as we work on navigating the ups and downs of the toddler/preschool years.  The Director Ms. Jill does a wonderful job incorporating fun programs and activities for the students, and I love that they get to learn about gardening, animals, fire safety and more.  My kids come home knowing new worship songs and concepts about the Lord every day.  MCA has been such a blessing to our family, and I am so glad all three of my sons will get their foundation there before starting elementary school.


Lauren Ringer Testimony 2017

My daughter started at MCA three years ago in the 2 year old class. The first time I met her teachers I knew this was the place for her. She was one of the younger kids in the class and had speech issues, but they worked with her and gave her the encouragement needed to consistently communicate with her classmates and staff. The class sizes are small which allows the teachers more one on one time with students. I have had so many moments that I have been in awe of what my child has learned at school, not just academics, but also in her kindness towards others and her love of Jesus. MCA also just started a toddler time class that my youngest attends. He came home one day and just started counting to 10. He had only been to a few classes and I was amazed at how much he had already learned. I absolutely LOVE MCA and highly recommend it! You can’t find a more loving and caring staff. They truly care about my kids and want the best for them.


Melissa Lubbers Testimony 2015

I want to thank you again for giving Lacy the opportunity to attend your school! It has been a true blessing! And she has made many friends that will continue even thought she is not in class anymore. I feel that I words can’t do justice to how my heart feels, but I certainly will try…

Being new to this area, I thought it was important to have a reference before trying out an early learning program for my 4 year old daughter. Messiah Christian Academy was recommended to me by a neighbor whose daughters both had attended. From my first phone call with the director, Jill, I was very impressed and it continued throughout the year! Jill leads with true passion and she has a specific vision of what the school environment should be. All the teachers and staff members show an abundant amount of love, compassion, joy and excitement towards each and every student. I was blown away that by the second week of school all the teachers in the school knew my daughters name! And any time they saw her, they would acknowledge her and say something to make her smile. In the classroom, I felt that my daughter was an individual and her teachers took the time to get to know her true self so they could help her grow academically, spiritually and emotionally. I truly believe that I was lead to this school for a reason and my daughter has been able to transition to the area because of the love from Messiah Christian Academy!


Kerri O’Donnell- Waddell Testimony 2015

This a awesome school. The staff is wonderful and so caring! They treat you like family! We love MCA!


Amanda Moore Testimony 2015

Such an amazing place to send your kids to learn. My daughter absolutely cannot get enough of this place and its loving staff. It’s the perfect school hands down! We love MCA and all its staff.


Jennifer Kodey Testimony 2015

My daughter was very nervous about attending summer camp 2 years ago and I saw this as an important step in preparing her for her upcoming preschool experience.  My friends told me about MCA and I was not disappointed!

Both Jill the school’s director and the teachers were very good at keeping my daughter at ease and engaged for her very first summer camp experience. They were very patient and loving with the both of us! It turned out my daughter loved her experience there and I was happy and relieved as well!


Donna Lee Testimony 2015

My daughter has attended summer camps at MCA. She loved the teachers as they were absolutely wonderful. They fill up their days with lots of crafts and educational games, so time went so quickly. The academy is very clean and well maintained, another bonus. Can’t wait until my son can go. Would highly recommend it.


Kristen- Jackson Hubert Testimony 2015

I think MCA is a hidden gem in Hickory Flat. We have been a part of this school for 4 years. We absolutely adore the program offered and the staff is the sweetest. I wouldn’t send my children anywhere else. We love Messiah.


Kimberly Graham Minick Testimony 2015

We’ve been to 3 pre schools with 2 kids. This is only one I recommend to anyone. It’s the one I’m trying to figure out how to send the 3rd one for school and maintain a normal work schedule.

This school… loves. Like. Hard core loves. They love kids. They love Jesus. They love family. They love community. They LOVE. And they do it WELL. And let me tell ya, to this mama, that’s all that really matters before they’re 6. No school is perfect, but this school prioritizes what is important to me : Love Jesus. Love Others. Love Yourself.


Beth Lavigne Thompson Testimony 2015

I cannot say enough about this wonderful school. As a teacher, I knew I wanted a preschool that would foster a true love of learning in my kids. I was looking for a place where they would have fun, make friends, feel loved, and learn a little something in the process. Messiah is everything I hoped for and more. The staff is absolutely exceptional and they have surpassed every expectation. My older son is reading and more than ready to start kindergarten in the fall, and, more importantly, he is excited about it. My younger son will be in the pre-k program next year, which will be our family’s 4th year there. If you’re looking for a preschool with small class sizes and a loving staff who will teach your individual child, then look no further. MCA is that place!


Tara Prickett Testimony 2014

What can I say but big praises for the MCA Staff and teachers! I am so glad that we chose this school


Nicole Shippy  Testimony 2014

I am a big fan of this school. There are many reasons I sent my child here: 
Small size, small student teacher ratio, the facility/land- lots of natural elements that the school takes full advantage of in their programs, the security, the integration of Christian values and concepts throughout any given day- chapel service, the families/kids I’ve known here hold good values as well, and the preschool is accredited.
 The most important reason of all is the wonderful people. From the teachers to the office staff…. I don’t recall a time when I haven’t been greeted with a smile. The teachers and directors are loving WONDERFUL people. My child loves this school of course.
 I reviewed/toured nine different preschools in the area and I felt MCA was the best. I will always look back with pride and joy at my child’s pre- school years knowing that I made the best decision when I sent her to MCA during the most tender, formative years of her learning life. 


Cliff and Michelle Penrose Testimony 2014

The hardest thing in the world is to let your child go to a bunch of strangers and trust they will take good care of them. Well I am a parent of 3 years at Messiah Christian Academy and it is the best lovely safe preschool. The director the teachers everyone will know your child’s name and needs. They will love and teach them like they were there own. My son loves his school…… that say’s a lot.


Erica Reece Testimony 2014

My children have attended MCA for three years now and they have the best teaching staff!! Wonderful school


Sandra Cramer Testimony 2013

Our children love to go to school. They feel cherished by their teachers each and every day. It’s starts from the moment they walk in the door and the director greets every child by name with a smile and enthusiasm. In fact, all the teachers, no matter what grade, make a point to start the day by greeting every child and parent with joy and love. Being on a first name basis with our family helps to create a warm, cozy and loving environment.

We’re thrilled with MCA’s educational practices. They make learning so much fun at every age that most of the time my children don’t consider it “work”, but a pleasure to learn. The teachers are so patient and genuinely care about the growth on all levels of our children. They encourage a healthy body, mind, heart and soul. They teach respect, being a good friend and good listeners. MCA is one of the best kept secrets in Canton. We have been so blessed. Thank you for helping us to raise beautiful, confident children.


Linda Torres Testimony 2013

Any families living in the Canton / Woodstock area who are looking for a loving, caring environment for their children to learn, couldn’t do better than Messiah Christian Academy. The teachers are qualified in education, believers in God, and just love to love on their students. Both my daughters attended preschool there and are now honor-roll students, with very fond memories of their years at MCA. Thank you, to Jill and her team of teachers!