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Our Hobby Farm


MCA is located on 26 beautiful acres which include meadows, fields, woodlands, ponds and gardens. The land is rich with environmental potential for endless education opportunities for our students. The Hobby Garden was established in 2013 for our young students, to plant and care for their hand sown seedlings. 

Money was raised by a bake sale for rabbits and their hutch to be added to the farm. The hutch was designed by the students with the purpose of providing an easy access for their droppings to be incorporated into a worm bed for garden fertilizer. Our lovable Mini Lop bunnies, provide us with lots of entertainment and they love their special treats and attention from the children. 

In 2014, the children helped to raise five Peking ducklings and released them into our pond. In 2015, the children incubated chicken eggs and now we have several we have kept on the property. Our ISA Brown hens who love to be petted by the children leave us big brown eggs! 

We also have a Butterfly Garden with perennial flowers and herbs which will provide host and feeder plants for butterflies to visit and for us to enjoy. At Messiah Christian Academy, children experience the wonder of God’s creation through a kaleidoscope of opportunities with animal care and the natural habitat that surrounds them. The campus and Hobby Garden provide endless opportunities for our children to learn through their natural curiosity, hands on experience, and experimentation.

The children also participate in our monthly, Furry Feathered Friends Day, where children donate $1 to wear a theme item like a hat for “hat day”, with the proceeds going to support our animal care.

Other wildlife sited on our campus: